Bare Adventures with Jesse Jenkins and Jose Manuel

17 January, 2013 (22:43) | BareAdventures | By: admin

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If you’re a hot young Czech even the most mundane of domestic chores can turn into a damn fine sex session if you let it! Scrubbing the kitchen clean, Jose, tanned, with one of the best defined twink bodies in the land, gets distracted by a horny Jesse, smooth, tall and lean with a sexy tattoo across his collarbone. Getting each other hard with some hot rubbing under their pants, Jose gets a real handful, and wants his mouth to take over the work, sucking on Jesse’s impressive meat! As Jose jumps up onto the freshly cleaned counter, his own thick dick is worked on, getting them both crazy and after some anal action!

What Jose doesn’t know is Jesse is in the mood for kink, and his passive buddy is tied to the counter he was just cleaning, his tanned tight body held down as Jesse rams his big bare dick into him, with Jose having no choice but to take it! Holding him up sideways, Jesse’s massive dick is shown in full glory sliding in and out of Jose’s fuzzy but hungry ass, his six-pack flexing, and those hot young arms curved with a great amount of muscle to give this twink an amazing edge.

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Mark Snow Solo at Eurocreme

17 January, 2013 (20:38) | Eurocreme | By: admin

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The surprises for the Bachelor Party still aren’t over, and Brendan’s friend Mark is getting a hot stripper for this evening sorted. Checking out his online video samples, he’s definitely booked in, but hey, why not watch the rest of the video with him? Reaching into his pants, Mark is just so in awe of this sexy Mediterranean dancer, his dick is getting heavier and heavier with every move and spin from stripper Leo Domenico that he can’t help but whip his impressively long, thick dick out and pump away in his room, giving himself a clear head for the rest of the night.

 His smooth milky white body looks delicious against the sumptuous surroundings, but the real focus his his hot cock and big balls, nicely interspersed with hot moves on screen, giving us an insight to this gorgeous twinks inner thoughts as he reaches a great climax, spurting his boy juice all over his heaving torso, coating his abs in some tasty shots you wanna lick up and enjoy for yourself!

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Luda Wayne’s Three-Hole Stretchers on Videoboys

16 January, 2013 (04:07) | VideoBoys | By: admin

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Each one of these toys has a unique quality and a different way of stretching Luda’s untrained asshole at VideoBoys . The dildo was definitely the thickest and the longest. The anal beads create an interesting sensation as they’re being pulled out. And the shape of the butt plug will stay in place if you get it in far enough.

Guess which one Luda eventually chose to massage his prostate to a cumshot that hits him in the chin?

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Skinny and Tanned Teen Boy Karlo

15 January, 2013 (03:35) | Teens-Boys-World | By: admin

Karlo is the new boy smeared in oil over at Teens-Boys-World.  And he sure looks young, skinny and very sexy.  And so nice smooth shaved, making his delicious cock stand out. Could kiss and fuck him all day!

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Czech Hunter 73 – Cute Twink Raw Fucked For Cash

14 January, 2013 (01:38) | CzechHunter | By: admin

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Maybe you still remember CzechHunter‘ s last trip to Decin.  Well, CzechHunter‘ went there again. Already on the first they meet a fine young boy. Damn, he is cute. And CzechHunter get so close to persuade him. But then suddenly he got a call from a friend. Well, CzechHunter tried their luck a few more times. And finally – just after sunset – CzechHunter encountered a nice boy with wonderful blue eyes. He is a smart-ass. And indeed smart enough to accept CzechHunter‘s offer to pay him 3000 Crowns for showing us his cock. And as CzechHunter could see that he was eager for more money he offered them to follow him to the old garden of his parents. Now guess what happened this winter-day in this remote hut, huh.

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Very cute boy this from CzechHunter.  Really nice seeing him take that big cock all bareback.YES!

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Cute Slim Twink Fucked In The Toilet

13 January, 2013 (00:50) | Spritzz | By: admin

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Check out this new feature from Spritzz.  Fucked in the bags. 

In the school toilet Riley tries to get off with Kyle, a new student. He simply grabs his cock at the urinal and the two quickly get hard, before smooth skinned Kyle ends up riding the other’s huge manhood with his arse.

Nice boys ; Kyle Wilkinson, Riley Smith

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Exotic Horny Boy Jose Back at Enigmaticboys

12 January, 2013 (00:28) | EnigmaticBoys | By: admin

I just love  EnigmaticBoys exotic Tropicana Series. Now and then they feature boys from outside Europe. This time it is lovely Cuba boy Jose. He looks young, smooth and brown skin. Amazing ass and a big hard brown cock. I could suck him for days!

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Emo Twinks; Falco White, Billy Parker and Micky Janson

11 January, 2013 (06:12) | SweetAndRaw | By: admin

Emo twink buddies at SweetAndRaw  Billy Parker and Falco White haven’t seen each other in a while. They get together for a drink, a smoke and to catch up at a local hang-out. There, they meet Micky Janson and the next thing you know, there’s a lot of kissing, touching and sucking going on between this Emo threeway. Lucky Billy winds up in the middle, with Micky sucking his uncut dick and Falco stuffing his face with a nice fattie and big, low-hanging balls. Soon, Julian winds up getting his hairy hole rimmed and spit on by Micky who has a long and incredible tongue; this is one Emo twink who knows how to treat a young man’s hole! When Micky strips, Billy then starts sucking his cock while Falco simultaneously jerks Billy and himself off. Falco then goes down on his buddy Billy and the tattooed Emo lifts Billy’s leg up and works his fat dick into the spit-lubed twink hole for a raw fuck.

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Then Micky gets in on the action. He spins Billy around, lifts up his legs and starts barebacking Billy with a good steady rhythm before bending him over a chair. Falco and Micky take turns plugging him from either end until it’s time to go riding cock! Falco kicks back and Billy sits down on his dick and strokes out a creamy load which Micky tastes. Then Micky and Falco do what friends do best. They spurt their load all over Billy’s pretty face and give him a gooey cum facial.

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Alec Got A Massive Hard Teen Cock

10 January, 2013 (00:35) | EnigmaticBoys | By: admin

Thank god for EnigmaticBoys getting another shoot with Alec.  This guy is handsome and cute at the same time. He is found of tattoos and got his pubes trimmed for the special occasion. His cock is another big chapter, it is massive!  Would love to see him do some of the other EnigmaticBoys boys with it , all bareback.   PLEASE!

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Neo’s First Shoot at Enigmaticboys

9 January, 2013 (00:28) | EnigmaticBoys | By: admin

Neo is yet another new cutie over at EnigmaticBoys.  When looking at him a few keywords come into my dirty mind : Blond, Tanned, Tattoos, Gay, Slut, Slim, Bottom, Party Animal.  And yes I would fuck him ;)

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